Brand Development.

Has your company just entered the market? Maybe it’s already well established. Either way, a fresh, convincing brand is critical to the ongoing success of any business. We help you creatively and strategically define your brand for a consistent identify that your clients will resonate with. From logo design, brand guidelines and website design to marketing collateral – we’ve got you covered.

The Heart of Your Brand

What can your customers expect from buying into your product or service offering? The answer to this question is at the heart of your brand. It is your value proposition; the associated tangible and intangible benefits derived from using your product or service.

At Oaklane Marketing, we’re experienced B2B brand experts.  We go straight to the heart of your organisation for comprehensive results.  By establishing a foundation of clear brand positioning, impactful content, and outstanding design, we set our clients’ apart from the competition.

Tell Your Story

Once viewed as an indulgence meant only for B2C companies; more and more B2B organisations are realising the unique power of storytelling for fostering engagement and growth.  It is no longer enough to rely on purely rational messaging when communicating with potential customers.  We can ensure that your distinctive voice is heard by your target audience through the delivery of a strategic day-to-day communications management programme.

Stand Out

Our strategic process of research and analysis into your customers and competitors provides us with unique and implementable insights. From these insights we develop a clear and captivating message for your brand to own and embody.  

When brands exhibit and deliver upon their unique value proposition, they separate themselves from the crowd.  

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Our service offerings include:

Brand Development

Website Design and Development

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Marketing Collateral

Internal Branding